“Quiéreme Como Soy”, has become a countrywide slogan and project.

It all started with the participation of Mr. Luis Oscar Villanueva Valiente in the 2nd Special Latin American Olympic Games of February 2010 in Puerto Rico. During this event Oscar Villanueva Sued, father of Luis Oscar, had the opportunity to share nine days with the Dominican Delegation of Special Olympics. Noticing the needs of these athletes and the lack of support needed, led him to question what would be the future of these special youth.

In July 2010, we had the opportunity to make use of funds from the social program of The Ford Motor Company, and the Global Week of Caring, and it was decided to make use of those resources for the Dominican Chapter of Special Olympics and the Dominican Association for Downs Syndrome (ADOSID), through a basketball game on Sunday November 14, 2010.  The purpose was to deliver a message of inclusion to our society, including the Dominican Special Olympics Basketball team players, and with the participation of over 50 artists, journalists, comedians, athletes and celebrities. So was born what is now the foundation, Quiéreme Como Soy, rendered in English, Love Me As I Am.